My last “coming out” story

As many of you know, I have never been the one to “play it safe” or be the conservative type. I have been the kind of person who follows my gut and my heart on what is right for myself and for my family.

I have always embraced the taboo and the “out there” concepts in life, I.e., being Pagan or being a lesbian or shaving my head on a regular basis. So with that said, I would like to “come out of my last closet” so to say.

I started searching about a year ago when I felt like I was missing religion or faith of some kind. So I started to search for the place that felt like home again. I started out at Paganism – where I have been for the last 15 years of my life – but it’s not home anymore. I looked into Hinduism but that didn’t feel right either. Finally, I landed on Islam. And suddenly I was home. I still have a lot to learn but I’m happy in my choice.

I have decided to say Shahada and wear a hijab (as Allah has asked of me in the Qur’an). And this is why I’ve decided to share with you, my choice – so that you aren’t completely blindsided when you see me around town (or selfies online 😉).

I ask that if this is a deal breaker for our friendship or being acquaintances then please just simply unfriend me. There is no need to “try to talk me out of my choice”. I’m happy in my decision. And I’m supported by some amazing people – most importantly my husband and my children.

Also, to answer a few questions ahead of time.

1. I haven’t changed who I am or the person you knew prior to me putting on my hijab.

2. No I’m not a part of ISIS. They are an extremist group and I will not teach my children that kind of hate. EVER.

3. Yes, I’m willing to answer questions but don’t be rude.

Inshallah (if Allah wills it) I pray that my friends and family are all as open minded or big hearted as I believe you to be.

I love you all! ❤️

The beginning of a transition

I haven’t taken Shahada yet. I haven’t donned my first hijab yet. 

But I have talked with Allah. I have cried as this hole in my heart has filled – the one that yearned and begged for that strong faith. I have done many a double take on my thoughts, actions, & wardrobe. 

While I’m no where near perfect, I am climbing on to the road of probably the most influential journey of my life. 

Insha Allah, I will pray 5 times daily, I will fast at Ramadan, and one day (insha Allah) I will make haaj. ❤️

My name is Ally. This is my conversion blog.